Meet The Heist - Classic Rock Cover Band
Meet the Guys and Gal That Produce the Best Classic Rock Covers In Los Angeles

The Heist formed in 2007 with a goal to reproduce the musical energy and awe of a timeless era. Many major publications and media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times, KTLA’s Morning News, and KLOS 95.5 FM have noted that The Heist has been able to seamlessly capture the essence of classic rock through superior musicianship and attention to detail – truly separating The Heist from other cover bands. Brilliant three, four, and five part vocal harmonies and talented instrumentation teamed with inspired stage presentation for a must-see, must-hear attraction.

In addition to musicianship, the band prides itself on being very versatile. The Heist has performed to crowds of 4,000+ but has also been featured at art galleries and small gatherings playing acoustic sets for a more intimate experience. Read on to learn a little bit more about each member behind the classic rock tribute band.

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Chris S.

Lead Vocals, Guitar

The lead singer of the band, Chris Schellenbach, (younger brother to drummer Mark Schellenbach) has been classically trained and has performed all over the world for all types of audiences – from The Vatican in Rome to grungy bars in Los Angeles. Chris’s voice is able to seamlessly capture the sound and essence of some of classic rock’s biggest names – from John Lennon to Robert Plant, to John Fogerty and beyond. But Chris does more than just sing in this classic rock cover band outfit. He also adds guitar, harmonica, ukulele, and some percussion.

Brendan McGrath - Classic Rock Cover Band

Brendan M.

Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals

Brendan McGrath has been utilizing his musical talents professionally both live and on studio recordings with a variety of instruments since the young age of 10. By age 18, he was the featured guitarist for Los Angeles’ highly sought after Irish rock band ‘Wrath of McGrath’ incorporating mandolin as well as harmony and lead vocals. This notoriety would culminate to being recruited to play and tour internationally with members of the classic rock band Jethro Tull including front man Ian Anderson. Influenced by a variety of musical styles, Brendan’s guitar playing adds a unique flavor to the Heist while keeping with the traditional vibe that’s so crucial to the classic rock sound. His distinctive vocal sound has a wide range from a raspy Van Morrison and Tom Petty to a light Eric Clapton. His talents have had him recognized by Boston’s Berklee School of Music for “Outstanding Musicianship.”

Brendan is currently playing guitar for a number of other musical projects, including playing guitar for singer Chris Schellenbach’s solo project Blackwood Harvest. His other projects include indie rock bands, Throat Sprockets, and The Gardeners.

Billy Ryder - Classic Rock Cover Band

Billy R.

Bass, Vocals

Billy Ryder started early in life with classically trained piano. Soon thereafter he started taking an interest in guitar and bass and was taught by Jesse Buglione, respected bass player from the band Lagwagon. Later, Billy went on to form the Southern California punk rock quintet “Sunset Fiction” with drummer Mark Schellenbach. Together they would hit the road, touring parts of the United States, and opening up for bands such as Strung Out, Yellow Card and Story of the Year.

Billy’s passion for bass and other instruments continues. He’s considered by many to be one of the best bassists in Southern California’s cover and tribute impressing audiences with his ability to navigate the fretless bass in an effortless manner.


Mark S.


Mark Schellenbach also started out in life pursuing piano as a youngster. Drums would eventually become his main instrument and his passion. Funny story: Mark’s first drum set was a 1960’s a Ludwig kit and was rumored to be owned by the one and only, Stewart Copeland of The Police. The drum set was later traded to two shady guys in a minivan for a pair mediocre speakers.

Mark helped Billy form the So Cal punk rock band Sunset Fiction in the early 2000’s. He later left Sunset Fiction to join the San Francisco powerhouse rock band “Normal Like You.” The bay area band gained nationwide success and went on multiple tours across America. Normal Like You opened for bands such as Something Corporate, Saves The Day, Paramore, and The Matches to name a few.

Jessica Schellenbach - Classic Rock Cover Band

Jessica S.

Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals

Jessica Schellenbach (formally Jessica Paulsson and married to drummer Mark Schellenbach) brings her passion for piano and singing all the way from Billesholm, Sweden.  Jessica brings her own style and sound to the band with her keyboard, background vocals, and percussion. You can also catch Jessica as the featured vocalist on a few songs, singing the likes of Stevie Nicks, Linda Perry (4 Non Blondes), Linda Ronstadt, Christine McVie (Fleetwood Mac), and more.

Brendan Flavin - Classic Rock Cover Band

Brendan F.

Lead Guitar, Vocals

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